Thanksgiving Dinner

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Outside Dinner

Sides to Compliment

Your Bird

French Beans

Sauteed with gremolata and toasted almonds

Sauteed with garlic, and topped with crispy shallots and parsley 



Simply roasted and tossed with olive oil, garlic, fresno and lemon zest. 


Broccoli Rabe

Sauteed in EVOO, chili flakes, garlic, lemon zest and oven-cured black olives. 


Brussel Sprouts

Roasted and tossed with balsamic
roasted with pancetta. 


Butter Nut Squash 

Roasted with sage, tossed with cranberries, and crispy kale
fennel roasted with rosemary lemon oil 


Half Tray will feed 6 to 8 people.

Spaghetti Squash

Roasted and tossed with parmesan, with a drizzle of truffle oil. 


Potatoes and Cremini

Yukon gold, cremini mushrooms, and pearl onions tossed with paprika, salt, and pepper. 

Potatoes au Gratin 

Thinly sliced potatoes, fennel, and onion in creamy Gruyere cheese 


Sweet Potato
Simply roasted or miso-glazed


Roasted Mixed Root Vegetables

Potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and sprouts seasoned and roasted


Sweet Italian and Sourdough bread stuffing. 

A family favorite, made with sourdough, sausage, fennel, pear,herbs and stock. 


Farro Salad

Farro, cucumber, kale, red onion and fresno in red wine vinaigrette 


Tossed with roasted vegetables, bosc pear in a champagne vinaigrette. 


Quinoa Salad 

Quinoa, Black lentils, roasted carrots, and pickled onions in lemon vinaigrette. 

Fall Salad 

Mixed greens, topped with cucumber, tomato, pear, honey crisp apple, walnuts and gorgonzola dolce - Champagne Vinaigrette. 

Autumnal Salad 

Kale, Shaved Brussel sprouts, honey crisp apple, cranberries, pumpkin seed in Apricot Vinaigrette. 


Classic, double crust Apple Pie with flaky, buttery crust….  $34


Mile High Apple Pie with sweet pears and fresh, tart cranberries …$35


Apple Crisp with pecan, oatmeal topping ….$35


Spiced Pumpkin Pie…. $28


Caramel Chocolate Tart with chocolate shortbread crust …$38


Classic Carrot Cake with orange scented cream cheese frosting…$55

(serves 10-12)


Don’t forget….Fresh Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream..$6.50 per pint/ $12 per quart

At Home Head Starts

And don’t worry about getting breakfast on the table during the holidays!


Pick up Morso’s famous, croissant baked French toast with pecan praline topping, pop it in the oven and in no time you’re serving up a memorable feast. Serves 12…$45 and makes great leftovers!


Another option…Vegetable Stratta- eggs with fresh broccoli, leeks, peppers, spinach and herbs. Serves 12-15…$45  Add bacon $3

Lisa’s Popular Chicken Pot Pie… plentiful Bell and Evans chicken, carrots, celery and peas in a creamy, rich veloute sauce, fresh herbs and hand crafted crust. Can be bought fresh or frozen…$20 (8 inch)…$32 (10-inch, deep dish)

Turkey Pot Pie with stuffing and cranberry sauce in a rich brown gravy $20 (8 inch)…$32 (10-inch, deep dish)


Also available Vegetarian Pot pie… butternut squash, kale, mushrooms, leek, herbs. Can also be bought fresh or frozen…$20 (8 inch) / $32 (10-inch, deep dish)

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